Friday, November 2, 2012

State of the Society

In going over the web site and reviewing the list of officers I am reminded that we have vacancies our ranks. I am filling the position of Recording Secretary for the time being, won't someone step up and take that position please?

I would be happy to relinquish the Web Master position, I'm not very good at it and struggle to keep the site working at all.

Newsletter Editor is another spot that is ripe for a change.  I'm doing the job for now but would like to be rid of it.  I would still contribute but would as soon not be the editor.  It really isn't very difficult, you have three months to prepare each newsletter.  I begin the next issue as soon as the present one has been distributed.  You don't need any special software, I use Open Office Writer, a free text processor.  I'll be glad to show you how I do it.  

We could use a person to arrange trips to various other libraries or archives in surrounding states. The St Augustine Society does it and we can piggy back on their trips by signing up for a trip and driving to St Augustine to join them.

Bob Weaver did a great job of "outreach" to the people at Victoria Gardens who were interested in genealogy.  It would be great if we had a person who could arrange to teach people in other communities or the Girl and Boy Scout troops.  Many of our members would pitch in if asked.

Our Cemetery Project was never completed.  Is there someone out there interested in cemeteries?  Bill Morgan sent a link to a very interesting article at read the article at it discusses the legal ramifications of taking pictures of headstones.  Read this article if you submit photos to Find A Grave or post them on your online genealogy site.  In this litigious society you should know where you stand with the law.  

[I don't know why the background turned from tan to white on that last paragraph and can't seem to correct it. /H/]

What other projects could we consider?  Jump in.

Please respond with comments.


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