Saturday, March 2, 2013

Kim found the answer + other problems with FOLD3



We came across the following email from you and wanted to provide an answer. Currently images can only be downloaded or printed one at a time and there is not an option to mass download or print.

Let me know if you have additional questions.

Thanks again,

Gordon Atkinson

Director of Customer Service and Marketing


This makes FOLD3 close to worthless unless you have an unlimited amount of time to waste waiting for your pages to come in one at a time.

There is another problem.  

When you get a hit and open the page there is often a note at the bottom of the page saying "nn (some number) of pages in this document contain matches".  If you're unaware of that you will miss all of the pages beyond the first one in that Vol.

At the bottom of the thumbnail for the first page there will be other thumbnails indicating the other pages available.

Say the PA Archives, Series 5 Vol XI pages 345, 732, 815.  Page 345 will be enclosed in a box, clicking on the box brings that page up.  

Clicking on "LARGER" expands the page to full size and  you can then click "DOWNLOAD".  

When the first page is downloaded you go back ;and click on the second page, 732.  That page comes up and  clicking "LARGER" expands it to full size.  Now click "DOWNLOAD" and the page reverts to  page 345. 

As far as I know there is only one way to get that page to print, you must scroll to it  using the film strip.

When there is a big jump from the first page to the second it is laborious to use that film strip and if you lay on the left or right film strip arrow you will often shoot way past your target page.

My solution, unless the page numbers are close together,  is to make a note of the Series, Volume and Page numbers that you're not able to easily get to and then  go back and pick up the extra pages through the BROWSE feature.  

BROWSE: You enter the 'Revolutionary War' section then select 'Pennsylvania Archives' and then the Series and Volume.  You will be shown several sections in that volume.  Page numbers are not shown so you have to click various sections until you find the section that has the page you want.

Now your extra pages will come up and can be downloaded.

The PA Archives is a wonderful resource so it's worth learning how to use it if you have anybody who ever lived in Pennsylvania.

I give all of the pages I download from the PA the name "Series 5 Vol II Page nnn".  By doing that you will have a folder with all of the pages you have downloaded in their proper order.  When you get another hit you can quickly scroll down the folder (in DETAIL mode) and see whether you've already downloaded that page.

Please let me know of any problems you encounter or anything I have written that turns out to be wrong.  I'm feeling my way with FOLD3 and am not terribly impressed however,  I think the PA Archives alone is worth the trouble.

What do you think?


PS  Looking at the film strip, there are little red numbers on some pages. That number is the number of annotations for that page.  I've never found anything useful in them.

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