Monday, August 27, 2012

The Theory of Shakers and Movers


All groups, clubs, crews, consist of 10% "Shakers and Movers" who do all of the work of the group. Every improvement to the community welfare is instigated and carried out by this group.

Then there are the "Hangers On" which consists of 80% of the membership of the group. The Hangers On benefit from and enjoy the efforts of the Shakers and Movers. They often carp and complain and at times succeed in discouraging some of the Shakers and Movers who quit their efforts and join the Hangers On.

Finally there are 10% at the bottom, the "Anarchists." This group is REALLY negative; they say unkind things about the Shakers and Movers and their motives. They actually do things to tear down the organization. They recruit people from the Hangers On to join them. They believe in conspiracy theories and listen to every rumor and lie. They believe everything they take in. God has created them without the ability to do logical reasoning, analyze facts and make their own decisions.

For the most part the Shakers and Movers ignore the other two groups and keep Shaking and Moving because it is their (type A) nature. Occassionally you will run into an organization where all of the Shakers and Movers have been discouraged and have joined the Hangers On. That organization is then dead. There is nothing of interest going on and unless some new Shakers and Movers arise or come in from the outside the organization will cease to exist.

If you are one of the Shakers and Movers don't give up, you are working to satisfy your own sense of what improves the life of all.  If you give up you will be unhappy, you're doing it for yourself, not for them.

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